Melbourne access flooring finishes

Melbourne access flooring finishes

Create the signature style you want for your building, with a choice of standard and signature access flooring finishes available through Sustainable Access Floor Solutions in Melbourne.

As part of our access floor services, we offer two standard access flooring finishes:

  • high-pressure laminate
  • steel bare.

When you choose one of our standard finishes for your data centre or commercial access flooring, you can add carpet, tiles, timber or other flooring on top.

Tate architectural access flooring finishes

Sustainable Access Floor Solutions also offers the option to upgrade to the Tate range of signature access floor finishes.

Tate offers an exciting selection of high-end finishes, ranging from porcelain to terrazzo and exposed concrete.

These factory-applied finishes gives architects and designers practically unlimited freedom to create a signature style that is unique and coordinated to their specific project while still maintaining the versatility and convenience that access flooring systems offer.

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