Access flooring maintenance & repairs in Melbourne

Access flooring has an important role to play in the function and visual appeal of your data centre or commercial office building – so it’s important to keep your floors in optimum condition. At Sustainable Access Floor Solutions we offer a variety of access flooring maintenance and repair services across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

Access flooring maintenance and refurbishments

Protected by our range of heavy-duty finishes, Tate raised access floors are a low-maintenance, cost-effective option for Melbourne’s high-rise buildings and data centres. Our signature architectural finishes maintain easy access underneath the floor, without major downtime or disruption to day-to-day operations.

Our team provides air testing of underfloor plenums to monitor the effectiveness of your raised access floors.

Sustainable Access Floor Solutions offers a variety of access flooring refurbishments, including access floor extensions and retro-fits to maintain the integrity of your access flooring systems. We can also supply a range of spare parts, including:

Access flooring repairs

Sustainable Access Floor Solutions provides repairs for access flooring panels and substructure, including removing and re-installing existing access flooring systems.

We also supply the MA615 bandsaw for facilities and maintenance managers or builders performing raised access flooring repairs.