Melbourne raised access flooring suppliers

Raised access flooring works on multiple levels – providing a highly functional flooring solution for data centres and commercial multi-storey buildings. Sustainable Access Floor Solutions are Melbourne’s trusted and experienced access flooring suppliers, offering flooring systems that:

  • maintain clean, high-quality air
  • reduce noise
  • efficiently handle high heat loads
  • adapt to changing client needs
  • are cost-effective in construction and operation.

We work with architects, builders, designers, contractors and developers to find the right raised access flooring systems to suit a wide range of applications, from one room to a whole floor.

Tate access flooring suppliers

We supply Tate access flooring for multi-storey and high-rise buildings, including hospitals, banks, libraries and offices across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

We offer a full access floor solution, including airflow panels and grilles, manual and automatic dampers and airflow controls, air sealing grommets, structural ceilings and other Tate accessories.

Working with our team of Tate access flooring suppliers offers a huge list of benefits, including:

  • project management
  • product assistance throughout the selection process
  • design assistance throughout project construction
  • professional and experienced access floor installation teams
  • a detailed installation program to meet deadlines
  • architectural details, product specifications and brochures.

Choosing the right raised access flooring means your equipment and facilities will stay cool without the need to blast the air conditioning, so you can save money on energy costs. Please contact us for a quote to install access flooring for your data centre or commercial building.