Why work with Sustainable Access Floor Solutions?

Melbourne’s raised access flooring experts

As a Victorian distributor and licensed installer of Tate access flooring, Sustainable Access Floor Solutions are committed to delivering top-quality raised access flooring products and unbeatable services.


Our Tate access flooring system is flexible, adaptable, cost-effective and ideal for any sustainable building. Both Tate and Sustainable Access Floor Solutions see sustainability as the way of the future. As a member of the Green Building Council of Australia, Tate is committed to green building.

See the Tate website for more information about sustainability.


From our experience, whether it be a small or large access flooring maintenance or installation project, communication is the key. We work in with architects and builders from pre-planning to project completion.

Working with our team of Tate access flooring suppliers offers a huge list of benefits, including:

  • product assistance and help throughout the selection process
  • product specifications
  • high-performance benefits
  • assistance in design throughout project construction
  • professional and experienced installation teams
  • project management assistance
  • detailed installation program to ensure deadlines are met
  • plenum guides and manuals
  • architectural details
  • brochures
  • FAQ.